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The bakery was founded by Attilio Stefani and in the historic headquarters in via Marconi in Bologna the first loaves of American bread were produced, an absolute novelty for the Italian market, which became the company’s flagship product.

The bakery grew, diversified its products by expanding throughout the peninsula, from the artisan bakery in via Marconi it passed to the industrial plant in via della Tecnica, but maintained professionalism and attention to product quality as its main points.

In 2005, with the establishment of the new corporate structure, the bakery had a significant turning point, a real innovative burst: renovations, revisions and modernizations were made to the factory and to the plants.

In 2013 with the entry into the company of our children, to certify the continuity of the project, we doubled the plant from 2000 to 4000 square meters, improving the production site with new technologies to obtain a higher quality and service of our product making it increasingly leaders in the bakery sector.


Designing new processes to maintain always quality.

Produzione pane

Baking good bread is a passion. Making good bread every day is a challenge.

Ensuring high quality bread and recipes that change according to the needs and tastes of consumers is the commitment we make with each of our customers, but which we could not face without the right allies. This is why we make continuous use of technological innovation.

We have studied for our factory on the outskirts of Bologna a special plant that adapts production processes to the needs of volumes, timing and customization of modern distribution.

Without ever completely abandoning that human touch that makes bread so good.

What do we do?

Today, our children will join us in the company and one day who knows, our grandchildren will also be there: it is them that we think about when we decide what to put in our recipes.

As with all simpler foods, the quality of the bread also lies in its ingredients.

For the raw materials used we carefully select suppliers to have only healthy and genuine ingredients by choosing to:


products of plant origin


quality in all its processing phases

All stages of production and distribution of Panificio Stefani take place in compliance with the applicable national, community and international control standards.

We have achieved supply chain, safety and traceability certification, becoming a reliable partner for processors and wholesalers in Italy and abroad.


Kneading, baking, freezing and shipping

These are dailyactions, sealed by the cold chain, which guarantee ourcustomers wholesalers, processors, baristas and restaurateursto obtain maximum safety and freshness of productswithout waste.

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